Pin Grading Guide

Pin grading is subjective and varies from maker to maker. Enamel pins are handmade items, meaning that they rarely ever appear "perfect." We keep this is mind when we grade our own pins, and I currently do not sell collector's grade/perfect pins for that reason!

I will always do my best to deliver the highest quality of pins possible! If there is a major issue, please send photos and an explanation of your problem to so we can help.

A (Standard) Grade

The highest quality of pin offered, essentially pins that may be displayed with as minimal flaws as possible. Free of major imperfections, but may exhibit the following minor imperfections:

  • Minimal marks or scratches on metal or enamel surface
  • Minimal specks, dots, or bubbles on enamel
  • Slightly low or uneven fills
  • Imperfections on the back or side of pin
  • Slight darker flecks of glitter and/or small specks of stray glitter (on glitter pins)
  • Slightly misaligned screenprinting (on screenprinted pins)
  • Other superficial imperfections that are only visible upon very close-up inspection and/or from looking at the pin under certain lighting or from a specific angle.

B (Seconds) Grade

Seconds pins are the second highest quality of pin offered. Usually, we like to put these pins on clothing or bags since they aren't examined as closely! These pins may exhibit the following imperfections below:
  • Noticeable smudges and/or staining on the metal or enamel surface
  • Oxidization of the metal
  • Noticeable and/or deep scratches that span across the metal and/or enamel
  • Loose posts/backings
  • Noticeably misaligned screenprinting (on screenprinted pins)
  • Very low fills in larger or visually important areas

C Grade

I currently do not offer C Grade pins for sale, due to the imperfections exhibited below:

  • Sections completely missing enamel filling
  • Missing areas with glitter (on glitter pins)
  • Missing screenprinted areas (on screenprinted pins)
  • Multiple areas of enamel staining or discolored enamel
  • Missing or incorrect backstamp
  • Broken or missing pin posts
  • Low quality enamel or metal work
  • Etc.

Sometimes, C Grade pins may be offered as freebies at conventions or shows!